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‘Every Day In Life Has A Meaning’

Posted in human psychology, life, routine, thoughts, time by yojita ... on May 10, 2007

Every day has a  symbolical significance in human life.It is practically an axiom in human history since times immemorial.Everyday  pertains to every humanbeing throughouthis life especially as life itself is mysterious with several unforeseem happenings and obstacles.As usual,the sun rises everyday and we get the day dawn; the sun sets when we’ll be in utter obscurity.The invisible wheel of time runs swiftly and stealthily too according to its rhythmic speed.Meanwhile the earth revolves round the sun once.All these performances are interwoven with eachother in our daily life.

     So far human race is concerned,children are born everyday; by degrees,they grow day after day,attain teenage and become adults.As the Shakesperean proverb runs”The world is a stage and all men and women are merely players”.When once humanbeings are born,they do somework or thr other to get on in life,play the roles in whichever capacity they work,try to overcome the impediments they face,live a life as destined and at length,have an exit from the earth.Thus everyday plays a notable role in this process.Whether people live a glorious or an inglorious life,they realise that”Life is not a bed of roses”.

   However,everyday proves to be as precious as a “second” in the span of human life as “Time lost is lost for ever”.On the same analogy,everyday in life is supposed to be embossed as if in an emerald.Afterall,life is ephemeral.While summing up,it could be well said that the caption is an interesting one and categorically logical and philosophical.



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