FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!

She whom i had loved every second of my life.My Mother.

Posted in love, random, thoughts by yojita ... on May 13, 2007

“Of course every day’s a mother’s day?” my inner being was letting me out of the track as I was nurturing my impromptu plans of concocting sum thing exclusive for my darling. But this time I dominated my inner one, as every day will not be a special one though. And hunt for that special began. I know that she loves me despite my barking like a small doggy and perhaps she’ll be the happiest if I switch from my grumpy, disgusting mood swings. But that’s something a Herculean task for me to do with than my filthy physics exercises.    

N now for the spl thing, I wanna make sum thing out of the stuff lying in my sill. Usually I pat myself with a smirk after churning out sum thing for my frends n near ones. But this time i imagined a real fabulous one. Gosh!! But the thing looked like a UFO, something very weird. Very upset me. My concept was to fix a pic of her choice on a hard paper n embellish it with cute bells hanging, with lots of pastel green color painted n with dried petals pasted all around with sum glitters shimmering over and hang it to her shelf by the time she wakes in the morning.   

All I did was, showed the UFO to my mommie n said “I wanted to surprise u, but this turned out to be a fiercy one”. She just laughed head off and I couldn’t control bursting too.I had spent a small fortune till date but she was definitely worth it. We share almost every little thing. Yes, we had had a few squabbles when we wouldn’t speak to each other but hey, what’s a good relationship without a fight or two? She always welcomed me back with a smile that was unalloyed and undisguised amusement.Upon this all I wanna say is I love troubling u darling!!!!Heheheh [of course where will my instincts go??]       

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  1. umar said, on July 14, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    good concept

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