FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!

the station saga!!

Posted in cram, general, journey, random, thoughts by yojita ... on June 19, 2007

this was 2 days ago when i was waiting for my cousin in the railway station.The train is total 7 hrs late[quite common thing indeed].So fed up standing for 1 long hour but thinking bout my cousin’s situ i felt this is better.Mean while got time to look around the happenings there.No room to sit, preoccupied infact by poor ppl waiting for their respective late lateef’s.
Bah evry1 were carrying loads n loads of stuff…..a heavy task yea!!!!
Know whats the characteristic typical feature of a railway station…any wild guesses????hhehe ..The smell dude… cant figure out what it is actually but its a combo of the stinky sewage,the fuel,food blah blah…..makes me disgusting at times….
Ppl here n there n glued to the Tv’s[ i remember that was NGC showing  on the tv] n inevitable cell phones,sum asleep on the platforms n the others running here n there very fast.
Heard about the suitcase phobia netime??hehhe the most spooky thing ever to think in a rail or a bus station…there was a man in his mid thirties standing beside us along wid his suitcase n alwayz glued to his mob….sumthing seemed fishy wid him…..
my neurotransmitters worked soo fast that i was thinking all the rubbish stuff bout him…
with a jolt frm my dad i woke frm my thoughts  n the man by time stepped in to the train.
Quite messy thing isn’t , the platforms, porters, rattling sounds of the engines, hues n cries of ppl,et al.The trains were coming n going but we werent!!!afta quite sumtime, the so called superfast express arrived…with mah cousin ..hehe damn it she became groggy sitting for such long hours…
we started babbling then n didnot even stop after reaching home…
that was the station saga….what else were u expecting….sum politician creating mess for his departure…or a ppl chasing a robber…or the TC demanding for fine from no ticketwaalah’s

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  1. tHeCaReTaKeR said, on June 28, 2007 at 10:44 am

    u kno wats even worse gal!!!being detained in da tckt collectors office for 5hrs that too starting 3am after a masti n exhausting trip wid da frnzz!!!

    now,da reason behind the cause…………..well dammit he brought an old red book n conjures up a reason abt whch if we hear in da movies wed be be in splits

    wat abt da result??well the 5 hrs dharna by us made a deal for oursleves by cutting down da fine amount frm 4 figures to more dan half[:D]

    dats indian railways dear 😉

  2. yojita said, on June 28, 2007 at 2:06 pm

    true to ur word!!!!!
    yea i agree

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