FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!


Posted in book reviews by yojita ... on June 25, 2007

Looking at the foreword n preface, i felt the book is long way to go n a bit dry.Instead the work philo’s of Dhirubhai stated by the author were very simple and exemplified his strategies.One can not only adapt them in work but in day to day life too.
i’ll putforth sum  eye catchy statements n phrases.
“Money is not a product by itself.It is a by-product,so don’t chase it.
  A by-product is something that you dont set out to produce.It is not ur primary motive.It doesnt govern ur choices.A by-product is the spin off when u create sumthing larger.For instance when u turn logs in to lumber,sawdust is your by-product and a pretty lucrative one it can be too!MOst people mistakenly assume that people become billionares by single mindedly pursuing the accumulation of wealth.They couldn’t be further from the truth!”
               “for those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win…Dream and dare”
Often ppl give up their dreams only because they are unable to see beyond the here and now.But to get the universe on ur side,you will have to hold on fast to ur dream even though u encounter many ppl and many situations tht will try and take ur dream away from you.Hold on fast, know ur strenghts and u can make the most impossible dream of urs come true.

    His philosophy was breathtakingly simple and very fundamental __ like his ability to trust.Or,rather his courage to trust.It might sound simple enough,but not many of us followed it.

A GOOD BUk THOUGH…..easy impressive language and inspiring words…..Read it once..sure u gonna tell others bout it..
      Adapting the mantras[i mean his strategies,whateva]as it is may not give u very prompt result.So modify them according to ur surroundings,situations,n ppl around u.

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