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Posted in random, thoughts by yojita ... on July 12, 2007

a kinda strange feeling frm quite sum days.i feel lik i’ve grown up .[:D]started meeting many new ppl..moreover professionals….n they gimme  their visiting cards or whateva…n  say “nice meetin you” etc etc stuff….

a wierd feeling though…..phewwwwwww i have sum professional clique  too….sum cards in mah bag now…n sum ppl to contact….

But im hella bored…..very dreary vacations……breaking my head over da PC n internet..but i wonder why i used to sulk for not having damnshit holidays then!!!!the same human nature implies i think…tht we dont appreciate things when existing!!!how sick!!!!

but whts soo tedious abt things around me??

whiling away time seems to be da toughest job…. despite the fact tht….there are soo many things to look after….

languor triumphs over evrythin’ during this span!!

duh….dont wanna formulate ne new proposals for shunning this habIT

p.s. i knew the topic was damn boring n a bit useless..but cudnt help posting it..


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  1. tHeCaReTaKeR said, on July 13, 2007 at 7:18 am

    my teddy is bored……so i sketched a plan to shoot it
    but then my hammer got angree… i had to choose between them and LO!!aloon came dolly asking whr its father or mother??or rather will it be its brother??duh!!watever sry whoever itiz
    this just plainly made my teddy tear its ears in Yangwishhhh!…..why did ya do that mmy dear YOGI!!

    more random thoughts 😛

  2. tHeCaReTaKeR said, on July 13, 2007 at 7:18 am

    that’s along not aloon 😉

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