FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!

Celling our souls???

Posted in life, people, random, thoughts by yojita ... on July 15, 2007

A few years ago it would ‘ve been difficult to imagine a family that was physically together but otherwise lost in their own worlds. The other day, when one saw such family at McDonalds actually talking to each other and not tapping into their cells, one nearly wept for joy. While cell companies gloat over their billionth handset sale and India earns the shady distinction of being the fastest growing market, the cell phone is becoming public nuisance No.1.

Cells have been a boon to us motor mouths, as every second person has an important thing to convey every other minute to every other contact on his list. As if that’s not enough, there are those jokes to forward, SMS contests and votes to take care of, pictures to be clicked and sent. Soon enough, another cell company launches yet another new cell with loads of new features. There were so many buttons on a friend’s latest acquisition that he had trouble locating the call button.  

  The ads on the television add a great sum to this frame. The ad guru’s working for companies like idea, airtel, and hutch are doing an incredible job, no uncertainty in that. But I feel very few brains mind about the consequences. Two people sitting very next to each other in the idea ad, call each other for no cause [i  mean to convey the msg that the call rates have descended] .Is this a plausible idea? Why can’t they chat orally instead? Duh!! This is something more for making the world around materialistic. Isn’t it? The more irritating thing in 1 of da airtel ad is that when the chaiwala himself sees the ad he is provoked to desire for something which is not so useful [depends] to him but, which is publicized as if,” it’s after all thing, u r not worth living if u don’t have one.”

Ain’t they exploiting the vulnerable spot of public n putting them under false intuitions?In contrast, due to the offers like 1paise for the same network or whateva, apna shameless babloo bhaiyya living next door feels lazy to call his mommy darling working in the kitchen, so pings her on her cell!!! How pity??!!

A rather new way for people to grow still lazier.

I wonder how did the past zamaana manage without it?

Mobile phones are more than convenience,neccesity or even a style statement.Today, they’re an addiction. 

To give the devil its due, this improvement upon Bell’s invention gives us instant connectivity and can be our lifeline at times. It might be interesting, however, to find out exactly how much of it is relevant and how much, pure time pass [waste]. 

p.s.  1 day without ur mobiles!!! i mean a total of 24 hrs togethr without that!!! sure that u’ll discover a new you….atleast few!!! just try this upon interest n lemme know the upshot. onnie one day……1 day i meant……


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  1. swetha said, on July 16, 2007 at 4:49 am

    Your blog was really superb!!
    yes wat u said is true , one day without mobile u cud discover a new ‘YOU’

  2. dinsan said, on July 18, 2007 at 9:42 am

    thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll 🙂

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