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Go GREEN On the Net !!

Posted in Blogroll, gardening, general by yojita ... on October 24, 2007

Gardening is one of those invigorating hobbies that keeps you occupied for hours together,besides keeping you healthy.Whether u r a beginner or an expert in the field ,given below are a few sites tht acquaint you with various types of plants, their care and tips on propagation etc[esp for those who have a green thumb].

GARDEN WEB :  : this is an excellent site for gardening enthusiasts to share info,talk to fellow gardeners or find abt new developments.

PLANT IDEAS : : this site consists of articles abt diverse garden topics, from indoor plants to alpine and so on.You’ll also find good links to other sites on the internet.If you’re just getting started,this site is for u.

MY GARDEN GUIDE: : this site claims to be world’s largest online gardening encyclopedia.It is the exclusive source of a 38,000 plant online encyclopedia and 240 online tutorials.The website also has thousands of FAQ’s, articles,how to’s  and tips.

BETTER HOMES :  ;the site has informative features on all aspects of gardening.In addition to hints and tips for growing ur house plants ,flowers,trees & commentaries on landscape techniques.

THE GREEN GARDENERS : : the sites’s owner shares his gardening experiences here.This site is wonderful n you’ll find projects tht they’ve done in the yard and even some book reviewz.

HOW TO COMPOST: : from beginners to experts,this site is designed to be a hub for all composting information.This site does a fabulous job of explaining the dos n don’ts and anything else you need to know.

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