FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!

First time!!

Posted in med school, random by yojita ... on May 17, 2009

well everything does have a first time.. like me learning to inject a needle in to sumbody elsez flesh!!!

woah!!!i had mixed feelings when the doc told us that hez gonna show us what to do!! as always half attentive me- was day dreaming !! n then so comes my turn….i take the loaded thing in to my hands n hold it like a pen [[got screwed later for tht]…one cud see tht  omg !!! reaction on my face…i kept peeking at the doc’s   face but hez no way concerned about my feelings…

vice-versa too…. so i just look at the focussed part ignoring the baby’s face n frightening noises..n proceeded!!! oooopss!!! i just went in !!! whoa!!!!

SUCCESSs!!!! indeed!!! 😛 😀

but then i was’nt happy or sad after that for heaven’s sake!!!


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