FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!


Posted in Blogroll, conserve, environment, my social awareness, people, random, routine, simple strategies by yojita ... on May 18, 2009

[what i randomly felt like writing today even ages after realizing !!]


car pooling people!!!

heard about it eh!!! one of the bestest ways to

 1. save gas, money, others n ur life span by lessening smoke emissions

 4. save the surroundings from getting grimy!!

 5. could also lead to lesser amount of traffic hassles!!  coz 5 poeple going in a single car sounds better than going in 5 different cars n honking like frustrated donkeys on very slim size zero roads ,pissing themselves n otherz!

   though it is not as convinient as going in ur own one royally but still u cud be able to do something to save mother earth !! lol 🙂                                             like people  working in the same offices or same localities or going to same colleges or schools…going to shop!!whatever it cud be!!!

 look at me …i always travel in my friend’s !!! to avoid spoiling my car on the jam1015109889_864c45bea8-packed roads!!;)well that cud be a reason too ,though its dumb!

else do the very IN thing this season                                                                                      

buy a bicycle n try riding it to ur office…that’ll be the smartest idea!!u could even ignore the traffic jams then!!be a smart sportive chap!! this way u could even skip ur gym classes!! 🙂 n do a lot good to urself n the surroundings!!!           look at me again 😀 ..i take my bicycle n go around in the mornings for a ride n actually like the ogles from onlookers!!! lol it gives u feel good factor!!

try them!!! they would really be an  appreciable effort!!worth it i say!! it worked wonders too…

lemme know if it worked for u!


p.s: this is not a sudden enlightenment i had,but my insight in to this issue is very deep n came out this way!!

p.p.s:why dont we  ardently crave for a  strong public transport system  in hyderabad n the state  than  all eyes on the poor man’z car ‘nano’!!

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  1. Vedant said, on May 21, 2009 at 2:45 pm


    you r gonna have some serious trouble selling concepts like this to guys like me. we r in love with the road and our bikes.

    we engage in many a divine menage-a-trois’.

    me-bike(car)-road. when we 3 come together all else gets lost in the passion.

    riding (driving) is our passion. and we love going cross country.

  2. yojita ... said, on May 21, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    well!!!!sab log tum jaise thode na ho!!! if u dnt knw hindi: why wud evryebody else think like tht!!!?? 🙂 🙂 there are people who do agree with me!!

    and yea long live ur passion!!! 🙂

  3. Siva said, on June 23, 2009 at 8:54 am

    Our cities are plagued by real estate mafia in connivance with politicians especially Hyderabad. Robust public transport system is the only remedy. You know the status of one small step in that direction (Metro Rail) in HYD. There is a say in Tamil ‘People follow the path taken by King’, this is true for our plagued democratic system too. Good that you use bicycle, i only wish you don’t get hit by other heavies 🙂

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