FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!

tHiS iZ mEe

Don’t walk as if u own the world…Walk as if u don’t care who owns the world……                   Thats ATTITUDE!!!


Some people fear change ….yet we are changing every single momoent.You are not the same person you were yesterday…..since then you have had numerous interactions and new experiences you had not had before.So you are a new you!There is no set of definition of who you are.You are whoever or whatever you choose to be at that moment. Let your inner being & your desires lead you to who you are to be in the next moment. You are free to be ….let your heart guide you to who you want to be at this moment and then the next…No choice is right or wrong they are all simply experiences. TAke ur pick…. … who do you want to be today?or simply at this moment !Live in the moment and make your choices according to what will give ur innerbeing the most joy and peace ,Go for it!Be who you really want to be….and who who you really are …you are infinite , you are all knowing ,you are omniscient ,omnipotent… YES!!! That’s who u are .Go within and discover who you are .Go within and discover the truth!! So……………….. I choose to be me! and I am rediscovering who that is….



[im a cranky,confused medical student very much interested in trying my hand at random things but never come out with fruitful results!!!a writing enthusiast n the cause fighter!!!]


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  1. dinsan said, on July 18, 2007 at 9:51 am

    good one 🙂 life is a war.. fight till u win

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