FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!


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three_sisters_wall_small_trans_21[1]Once upon a time my sister

had left to qatar

i am very happy , as now i am free from that fighter..

i dont at all miss her

as she was a crusher of  my freedom

she thinks she is my master

why cant she be a builder of my confidence??

she shouldn’t act superior

as she was a annoyer..

i dont at all miss her….


   this particular piece of thing [ i do’nt realli mind whatever you call it] was written by li’ll ME  for an english rhyming word exercise  in school .. it sounds very naive and stupid now! my teacher laughed her lungs out then i  dont know why!

but apparently my sister was waiting in the qatar airport when i found this piece of **** …n i realized  i miss her like crazy!!! 😦 😦 😦

*sister* is something the best that happened to me !!! 🙂

i love u sis!!



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IM here again with my unconditional love for the god of the green!!!! NATURE!!!

Things don’t feel so right. do they? The order of things going out of hands. Our cities are public health disasters. And our dear governments have failed us. No, we can’t expect anything from the governments, but from you and me! Even a little difference is welcome!!

i know we already know whats the prob, but to just make you to re-think , i wanna blurt out few things,infact a lot n could be boring at times but lets make em interesting by doing me actually!!!

First comes the evil PLASTIC:
Trillon plastic bags are produced in a year. Less than 1% of them are recycled. It costs more to recycle a plastic bag than to produce it! Most of these bags end up in the sea. Dumped by countries. Plastic bags have been found floating as far off as north of arctic. The bags photodegrade, breaking into smaller more toxic polymers. These contaminate food and enter food chain. And we know where the toxic buck stops….so what can we do about it??
If we use a cloth bag we can save 6 bags a week or may be more! That’s 288 bags a year and 22,176 bags in a lifetime. If 1/5th of people in our country did this, calculate how many less plastic bags will the earth have to deal with??
So is that all? Or, the fact that plastic bags are made of polyethylene a thermoplastic made of oil has something to do with us? You bet reducing plastic bags will reduce our oil dependency. How many million barrels of oil will we save if we ban ‘free’ plastic bags? And still if no ones listening to common sense remember, you alone can reduce almost 30,000 plastic bags in your lifetime. May you live long!


WHEN Off carbon saving
1. T.V off standby -20kg
2. Stereo of standby -66kg
3. DVD off standby -44kg
4. Computer off standby -9kg
5. Turn off unneeded lights -370kg
6. Unplug your mobile charger -10.5kg.
It might be handy but it saves a lot just if u unplug or shut things down!!
So don’t be a lazy ass and
Don’t standby …switch off
Switching off your electronic devices is a powerful weapon against global warming and every little counts!!

Question GM food[read genetically modified]
What is it all about?? Does the gm tomato you eat have snake genes? There is something to think about when farmers end up getting a raw deal.
Consider this; gm food has no seeds. Farmers have to buy the seed again and again. What if the crop fails? Where will the farmers get the money to buy seed for the next crop? What happens then? More farmer suicides? Ask questions. The answers may want you to change the way you eat and what you eat.

-We are losing the battle of common sense. Our food is being flown to us from around the world wasting resources and posing more harm than good. One basketful of imported food creates more carbon than an average family’s cooking for 6 months. So dump all that canned food!!!

-Every roof is a potential water harvesting structure. Use it to solve your water problems. Go on! It is cheap and easy!
-Super India’s bloodlines are the rivers. Your anger can save them, if anything.
No matter what city you live in, chances are the river that runs through it, is dying. And before we go on and turn a blind eye to the situation, just ask yourself a question. A dying river is a sign of danger to our health. Our civilizations that started around the rivers will choke to death beside them. We should demand action. That’s our only chance of survival.

TRAFFIC:[ nothing new in this issue]
– We must have come from some alien planet. Consider how comfortable we are spending hours in long traffic jams. How we think owning a car is progress, but traveling by public transport and actually having more time to enjoy life, is not. We feel good when people say India is a super power, but do not notice that the state of buses and trains in the cities is not even fit for the evil planet . If India is a super power cant we demand the best public transport in the world? And have cleaner air and live a life more fit for humans??

RECYCLE::: [remember??]

– Recycling just one glass bottle[for the boozing community offence though] saves enough energy to light up a 60watt bulb for six hours.
– Recycling a single aluminum [all those cokes we drink] can save enough energy to power your television for 3 hours and a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours.
– Each ton of recycled paper[ buy this next time] can save 17 trees, 1438 liters of oil and 26,497 liters of water.

SUPPORT:: we need to give!!!
-We should support our local vendors. The mall culture will take away a lot of livelihoods.
Support local business. N we do get really good stuff here than the malls!!! trust me!!!

N now im gonna shut this thing off n plug it off n study like a good girl ..i guess I vent out a lot today randomly, which I really think should work n I should make it to 

p.s. statistics found in ‘ down to earth’ a fortnightly!!

MY random diary page !!!

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such things are a result of  insomnia!!!i act truly jobless sometimes though i am!!i realli dunno why i posted this randomly!!270520097457

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Trivially beautiful !!

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No one to pester them
Unless they move
Always cosy in the lap of nature
Cherishing the cool breezes & hot sun too
Always yell on top of their voices
May be outta joy or sorrow[cudn’t figure out]
A happy family of five.
Basically appears like chilling out
With their daily chores [hehe]
And finally a feast for mah eyes!
YEA!! tht’s a crow fam dwelling in a
Well build nest [wich i can see frm mah window in hostel]
 Which gives me the essence of joy outta watching!!
                                 [ sumthing lyk ppl watching]

cheers                                                                                                                                               yo

SAY hoi Ho oh HOI !!!!

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Say hoi ho oh hoi ho (x2)

Loose Control
Be A Rebel

To the mahal of the Taj
To the Minar of Qutub
To the Kumari of Kanya (Say hoi oh hoi)
To the Panjim of Goa (Say hoi oh hoi)
To the Kaancheepuram
Zindabad Zindagood
They all have something to say (Say hoi oh hoi)
They all have something to say (2)
Follow me Follow me Follow me now!

Apni tho paatshala, masti ki paatshala
Be A Rebel

Naa koi padne waala, Naa koi seekne wala(2)
Apni tho paatshala, masti ki paatshala(2)
Loose Control

India and Pakistan
Bangladesh all in the song
Khajuraho to Coimbatore
Say hoi oh hoi(Say hoi hoh hoi)
From the Gateway of India
Upto the Himalayas
Across the Ganga Jamuna
Say hoi hoh hoi(Say hoi hoh hoi)
To Shirdi to the Red Fort
Laal Kila Yeah u know
From Ajmer to Orissa
Say hoi hoh hoi(Say hoi hoh hoi)

Loose Control

Be A Rebel

Amar Akbar Antony
Ram Rahim Abdullah
Searching for a bright star
Say hoi hoh hoi(Say hoi hoh hoi)
To the corners of the Earth
What is our search worth?
What is our destiny?
Say hoi oh hoi(Say hoi hoh hoi)
Imagine we go back in time
Free your soul, Free your mind
Take a look what do you find?
Say hoi hoh hoi(Say hoi hoh hoi)

Loose Control

One more time!!
Loose.. Loose..Loose Control
Haha (x3)!!
Be A Rebel !

      lolzzz!!! i lurve this gaana!!!

Green iS tHe CoLoUr!!!

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 awesome piece of poetry!!liked it urself…..

Heavy hung the canopy of blue
Shade my eyes and I can see you
White is the light that shines through the dress that you wore

She lay in the shadow of the wave
Hazy were the visions of her playing
Sunlight on her eyes but moonshine made her cry ev’ry time
Green is the colour of her kind
Quickness of the eye deceives the mind
Envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned

Courtesy : Pink Floyd

She whom i had loved every second of my life.My Mother.

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“Of course every day’s a mother’s day?” my inner being was letting me out of the track as I was nurturing my impromptu plans of concocting sum thing exclusive for my darling. But this time I dominated my inner one, as every day will not be a special one though. And hunt for that special began. I know that she loves me despite my barking like a small doggy and perhaps she’ll be the happiest if I switch from my grumpy, disgusting mood swings. But that’s something a Herculean task for me to do with than my filthy physics exercises.    

N now for the spl thing, I wanna make sum thing out of the stuff lying in my sill. Usually I pat myself with a smirk after churning out sum thing for my frends n near ones. But this time i imagined a real fabulous one. Gosh!! But the thing looked like a UFO, something very weird. Very upset me. My concept was to fix a pic of her choice on a hard paper n embellish it with cute bells hanging, with lots of pastel green color painted n with dried petals pasted all around with sum glitters shimmering over and hang it to her shelf by the time she wakes in the morning.   

All I did was, showed the UFO to my mommie n said “I wanted to surprise u, but this turned out to be a fiercy one”. She just laughed head off and I couldn’t control bursting too.I had spent a small fortune till date but she was definitely worth it. We share almost every little thing. Yes, we had had a few squabbles when we wouldn’t speak to each other but hey, what’s a good relationship without a fight or two? She always welcomed me back with a smile that was unalloyed and undisguised amusement.Upon this all I wanna say is I love troubling u darling!!!!Heheheh [of course where will my instincts go??]