FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!


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three_sisters_wall_small_trans_21[1]Once upon a time my sister

had left to qatar

i am very happy , as now i am free from that fighter..

i dont at all miss her

as she was a crusher of  my freedom

she thinks she is my master

why cant she be a builder of my confidence??

she shouldn’t act superior

as she was a annoyer..

i dont at all miss her….


   this particular piece of thing [ i do’nt realli mind whatever you call it] was written by li’ll ME  for an english rhyming word exercise  in school .. it sounds very naive and stupid now! my teacher laughed her lungs out then i  dont know why!

but apparently my sister was waiting in the qatar airport when i found this piece of **** …n i realized  i miss her like crazy!!! 😦 😦 😦

*sister* is something the best that happened to me !!! 🙂

i love u sis!!


mYne.. ..

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249My Thoughts can’t fly high,
becoz they aren’t poetic.

They don’t know how to float,
becoz they are not light.

They can’t vanish like a dream,
becoz they are ‘nt an illusion

At last that bundle of energy can’t stay with[in] me ,

but they are potential enough to achieve!

now they are OUT OF WOODS.

They’re here . They are safe.

Trivially beautiful !!

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No one to pester them
Unless they move
Always cosy in the lap of nature
Cherishing the cool breezes & hot sun too
Always yell on top of their voices
May be outta joy or sorrow[cudn’t figure out]
A happy family of five.
Basically appears like chilling out
With their daily chores [hehe]
And finally a feast for mah eyes!
YEA!! tht’s a crow fam dwelling in a
Well build nest [wich i can see frm mah window in hostel]
 Which gives me the essence of joy outta watching!!
                                 [ sumthing lyk ppl watching]

cheers                                                                                                                                               yo

Finding my wings!

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My childhood lies like a distant memory

As i stand on the threshold of adulthood,

I’m no longer that little lad i used to be,

I’m almost a woman,

Learning what i should.

      Dont expect me to believe evrything you say,

As i have found an ability to reason,

And am difficult to sway,

Give me a few years and i’ll be gone,

Transformed into a woman,

Who will know right from wrong.

Please try and understand,

I’m not bereft of knowledge and sense,

It’s just that I am ,

Passing through a phase called “adolescence”

Leech ‘sucks’

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Not the least bit imagined that I would nourish a leech!
But have fed the creature unknowingly till his tummy jam-packed …
Was flabbergasted to notice the li’ll thing in mah shoe
After lingering through a forest kinda place.
Determined not to shriek on top of my voice
Coz? You know that I’m grown up yea!!! (Gigglez)
Was admiring the lill one for his natural anesthesia ability [phew!!!]
In fact there was no sense of ache at all
But uncontrollably oozing droplets from the small stings were maddening
Coz sum stuff in his saliva has got such power
That the flow takes a great deal of time to halt!
But …but I pity the poor lill thing coz he was assassinated
Ruthlessly by a lunatic chap who feels he’s done a great job!!!
Seemed as if his carcass was bathing in a blood red pool.