FLiRtING with RaNDomneSS!!

WOrD makeover!

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Vagueness seems to be the ‘in thing’ these days [being sensitive to other people’s feelings and not hurting their feelings]

A fatso may not be a fatso anymore because he is ‘horizontally challenged’ now!! Similarly a pipsqueak is not ‘short’, he is merely ‘vertically challenged’.

We have ‘sanitation engineers’ now [garbage collectors] who do much more work than our elected useless representatives!

You might call these euphemisms but now they have been given a new label


[PC] language.

This political correctness is carried to the extremes in some cases.

Now a lazy ass can be ‘motivationally deficient’ or ‘energetically declined’, but certainly not lazy! Duh!

Introverts can be ‘conversationally selective’ and not ‘shy’! A person may have ‘deferred success’, he does not ‘fail’ remember.

I know it can get more irritating when you say ‘negative patient care outcome’ instead of ‘he died’!

I have more comin’ up hold on!!

~ He is not a bad dancer. He is OVERLY CAUCASIAN.




~ He does not act like a TOTAL ASS. He develops a case of RECTAL-ANAL INVERSION!!!!*#$#

~ be happy you’re not BALDING anymore; you’re in FOLLICLE REGRESSION PHASE

If this ridiculous trend of being politically correct continues?????????????????????


I quote too #1

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There is soo much optimism when i  say 6.45 am than  when i say quarter to  7 !!!


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XYZ: hey

ME: im bored

XYZ:sounds very not interesting why u are not unbored,so what else

ME:nothing interesting!!!

XYZ:are u actually taking notes or u just faking things are so very boring..need to find a new hobby!


XYZ:tell me something i dunno about u !!?

ME: im a very cold person.

XYZ: i am very hot but thts something u already know!and i am very selfish,i do somethings for the sake of me..

ME: obviously im not totally selfless either!!

XYZ:no but i am more selfish than u think,i am very devious in my thoughts i play wid people like a game for my sick pleasure!

ME:isnt it terrific you know what you’re doing n still do it?what do u think about it,good or bad?

XYZ:good in the sense by me acting like this,i can get mad at someone and yell at them for no reason and get that off my chest and not hurt anyone..see if im obnoxious all the time i dont have to worry about people getting hurt!

XYZ:like i can completely curse off someone and actually mean but they dont get hurt cuz they think im just joking around!

ME:so its more like your making people accustomed to your behaviour.Your exploiting the vulnerability as much as u can becoz there is no resistance backwards??

XYZ:pretty much yeah but they dont know that!

ME:thats what i meant too

XYZ:kinda fucked up aint it??i act obnoxious cause i can get away with ..

ME: you are afraid of getting rid of it??

XYZ:do u want the brutal honest truth?

ME: yeah why not!??

XYZ:ok i think i’ve a group of friends because i get bored, other than that i have no need for friends..i have no relation to any of u..all of you grew up in a completely different environment from me..i will never understand how u people feel and the intensity of your emotions and u guys will never understand my feelings…i dont have anyone similar to me.

ME:that explains a lot!!

XYZ:for instance i hear things i dont give a shit about and pretend i care…honestly if someone is sad it doesnt concern me ,i ask if they’re ok just because the society is made up that way..if someone gets hurt i dont care unless its me..if someone is happy i dont care ,i simply piss people off because i can…….i only care about myself, i am the most important person i know,i dont care who does what or they did that, its all the stuff i listen to prevent myself from going insane in this place, its the show i play everyday,same script, just do what you have to do,i drink because im bored!!!!

ME: ok [ already dumb] but isnt it like you are trying hard to run away from something ?? may be the reality??/????

p.s : ionno what was going on in the convo except that im the one replying!!does it make any sense what xyz was talking?? or does it realli have to make some sense???

No smoking!!

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Why do people smoke??

i dont even wanna know the so called smart explanations!! they argue that smoking is their right and they can do whatever they please with their bodies, some call it the ‘in thing’, someother do it cuz their friends say they should ,n some more say they wanna get a relief from all the tensions lifez been giving em !! duh?? 😦

.ugh! but whatever , why do these people[read it the smokers community]do it straight away on peoples faces[read it second hand smoking].

the direct smokers-has to face all the inevitable effects anyways as a part of their own chosen fate]

LOL! who else could know  how are they gonna die if not for chronic chain smokers!one should appreciate their fearlessness and dont give a damn attitude!   

    But the passive smokers,whom we call ‘the second hand smokers’-are the victims in reality be it voluntarily like male or female counterparts,spouses,colleagues    or the involuntary victims like kids of smoking parents or random persons who are not concerned or at restaurants or public places!!                                 

 i know many doctors myself who are chronic smokers!!how shame n pity!err!! who save em??

nOte : * passive smoke i.e, the second hand smoke from the smoldering end of a cigarette and smoke exhaled by the smoker  has more carcinogens[cancer causing agents]           and  causes lung ailments,cancers,bronchitis,asthma n what not n what ever!                                                                                                

 ——->>> does that even mean something meaningful??? “statutory warning”!! why do they print it in the first place if people doesnt care??   And my biggest question —>> why do they manufacture tobacco in the first place??[ i dont know if this has a reasonable and explainable answer,if yes do let me know!!]     ,,

<<—>> ban in the public places should be followed stringently  to completely avoid passive smoking n save some innocent souls from the bad spirits!! n god bless those souls who cannot avoid it!!

—>> p.s.  : mostly effetcs kids n pets!!! so please keep away from ur kids and pets if u love em !!!

—->>p.p.s. : [ all these impromptu thougts cuz of the random person on a busy, heavy traffic road smoking right away on my face n giving me why do u stare kinda looks in return]!!

p.p.p.s.: R.I.P [ rest in peace all the legendary souls turned into ashes due to smoke] n  dont get driven away by songs like beedi jalaile 😛



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[what i randomly felt like writing today even ages after realizing !!]


car pooling people!!!

heard about it eh!!! one of the bestest ways to

 1. save gas, money, others n ur life span by lessening smoke emissions

 4. save the surroundings from getting grimy!!

 5. could also lead to lesser amount of traffic hassles!!  coz 5 poeple going in a single car sounds better than going in 5 different cars n honking like frustrated donkeys on very slim size zero roads ,pissing themselves n otherz!

   though it is not as convinient as going in ur own one royally but still u cud be able to do something to save mother earth !! lol 🙂                                             like people  working in the same offices or same localities or going to same colleges or schools…going to shop!!whatever it cud be!!!

 look at me …i always travel in my friend’s !!! to avoid spoiling my car on the jam1015109889_864c45bea8-packed roads!!;)well that cud be a reason too ,though its dumb!

else do the very IN thing this season                                                                                      

buy a bicycle n try riding it to ur office…that’ll be the smartest idea!!u could even ignore the traffic jams then!!be a smart sportive chap!! this way u could even skip ur gym classes!! 🙂 n do a lot good to urself n the surroundings!!!           look at me again 😀 ..i take my bicycle n go around in the mornings for a ride n actually like the ogles from onlookers!!! lol it gives u feel good factor!!

try them!!! they would really be an  appreciable effort!!worth it i say!! it worked wonders too…

lemme know if it worked for u!


p.s: this is not a sudden enlightenment i had,but my insight in to this issue is very deep n came out this way!!

p.p.s:why dont we  ardently crave for a  strong public transport system  in hyderabad n the state  than  all eyes on the poor man’z car ‘nano’!!

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Thirsty for water!!

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thirstyWater’s good.

It comes in handy to wash ur hair,to soak your feet during a pedicure,to take those beauty baths.But if we dont learn to conserve water now,things could get ugly for sure!

Here’s the way how you could do your bit:

– get your guy to take you out for meals very often,it will save you from washing dishes.

-start drinking red wine.It’s not only trendy ,but also help the bars save some ice!

-shop,shop,shop. The more clothes you have,the less oten you have to wash em.

-swap your dog for a cat.It will lick it self clean,leaving you with more water to wash off your make up!!!!



whts goin on!!

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so many random parties!!evryone bothering abt their own , so much back biting,bitching around, watever u call it,its all more narcissistic!!! nasty to think about!! 

whn evrything is so self centerd ,more concernd abt votes,money,bloody fame ,who da hell bothers abt common man! oh some random thoughts keep bothering me..dunno what to do,so i write em.. .. !!


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   Diary writing is an admirable way to exercise one’s brain.A diary is like a mirror projecting one’s fulfilling dreams and making one smile at the silliest things they  may havedone.


                                 I think twas Jonathan swift who remarked that he cudn’t know what he meant until he’d written it down.He said his quality of thinking improved gr8ly since he found ways to express himself.Simply put,this is an excellent wy to exercise the brain.
Advantages : the more u sing,the better your voice.The more you write ,the better your writing.Diarists frequently engage in introspection of their diaries.Diary is a mirror where you can see your growth, your early dreams slowly fulfilling and above all,the[once] silliest and immature part in you and smile at it.
   N yo fellow students…remember there is no examiner.No corrections.No marks.We can write whateva’ we want.Hence our istyle of writing develops.This adds up to our own creativity .
  Mel Brooks puts it correctly: ” every human being has hundreds of seperate people living under his skin.The talent of a diary writer is his ability to give them their seperate names,identities,personalities and have them realte to other characters living with them.”

 A person who cannot spend five minutes for his self actualisation is like an animal.Hence,animals don’t write diaries!!

 p.s. : all mah posts r random stuff n i always fail to establish a relation between em’.I simply cant stick to sum particular topics..


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Still  young  enough  to  be  a  part
Of  Nature’s  great impulsive heart,
Born comrade of  bird,beast and tree
And unselfconscious as the bee-

And yet with  lovely reason skilled
Each day new paradise to build
Elate explorer of each sense,
Withou disamy ,without pretense!

In your unstained transparent eyes
There is no conscience,no surprise:
Lief’s queer conundrums you accept,
Your strange divinity still kept…

And life, thet sets all  things inrhyme,
May make you poet,too,in time
But there were dats ,O tender elf,
When you were poetry itself!

                                             – Christopher Morley

[ I  want mah childhood bak.Nobody is going to give me t hat….i know it doesnt make sense…but……!!!! But u know the child of long ago and far away and the child of now ,in you n me, is waiting behind the door of our hearts for something wonderful to happen.]

isn’t it wonderful when the self itself becomes poetry……..[ omigosh im in love wid this turn of phrase :)]

What happens to this wonderful beginning when we were all “poetry itself”?HOw do all these tender elves become murderers,drug addicts and sexual offenders,cruel dictators,morally degenerate politicians?HOw do they become the “walking wounded”?We see them all around us,the sad,fearful,doubting,anxious and depressed,filled with unutterable longings.Surely this loss of our innate human potential is the greatest tragedy of all.

        The more we know about how we lost our spontaneous wonder and creativity ,the more we can find ways to get them back.


Dil se…

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LIfe sure rocks in backbenches.Wanna know how?Then all ye pals inthe front row better change the seat.You are bound to make it your permanent place.To many, the last bench in a classroom might seem like the address of the good- for -nothing brigade.But ,the last bench has a lot more to it.

The shayars flow freely, n sum cranky jokes with loads of chocolates.We used to cheer together with such finesse that it reaches the first bench and the teacher has no clue!Then,as the classes get more and more boring ,sum chits come out, and so do wise cracks as we enjoy hearty laughs -muffled ofcourse-while ruminating on worldly matters.

Where elsz wud u find paper rockets,choco wrapers,word games,n those unending sms’s n paper chats and what have you!

Life sure rocks in the backbenchs.And yes,we also njoy the luxury of making a catcall,making the whole class laugh amd yet get away with it!And howdare the front benchers complain against us?If it weren’t us who wud provide comic relief in between those long winding and boring lectures ?The next time the teacher’s pet [ on the contrary we ,the bak benchers were our teachers pets then] in the front row want to critisize us,the last benchers,try stepping into our shoes and seats b4 you do so.You are bound to be hooked and make it ur permanent place.

One has to see the rainbow to know its beauty and taste the pickle to feel its pungency . May be the comparison isn’t apt but who cares , gud english is not the yardstick for measuring one’s eligibility to sit in the last bench.A heart for fun is!

One has to sit on the bakbench to experience some of the luxuries it offers,rite?

p.s: fact tht i’m moving in to a proffesional course now…but the eternal skewl memoirs are not be forgotten ever.i MISHHH mah skewl lyf badly .. 😦 😦