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Unburden Urself

Posted in life, simple strategies, stress, thoughts by yojita ... on May 16, 2007

A lecturer was giving a lecture to his students on stress management.He raised a glass of water and asked the audience,”How heavy do u think this glass of water is?”The students’ answered from 20gm to 500gm.
The lecturer said.”It doesnot matter on the absolute weight.It depends on how long you hold it.If i hold it for a minute,it is OK.If i hold it for an hour,i will have an ache in my right arm.If i hold it for a day,you will have to call an ambulance.It is the same  weight,but the longer i hold it the heavier it becomes”.

“If we carry our burden all the time,sooner or later,we will not be able to carry on,the burden becoming increasingly heavier.What you have to do is to put the glass down,rest for a while before holding it up again”.

         Its all that simple to relieve ourselves…..don’t make it a hard nut to crack.